Never Spend a Moment Cleaning

Do you find yourself getting home from work and dreading the vacuuming that needs to be done? If you just don’t have the time to clean, it is a smart idea to contact Sweeney Cleaning Company. They are a full-service cleaning company, providing excellent services for anyone hoping to avoid cleaning ever again!


Finding a trustworthy company to clean your home can be a challenging task. Some people talk to their neighbors or friends to find a referral where others use the Internet to search for cleaning companies. The reputation of the company is something you must consider as you need to find a company that can handle all the cleaning needs you have, but one that understands trust is essential. Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure you are hiring a company that doesn’t have a bad reputation or serious complaints filed against them. Ask them about liability insurance. This is needed to protect you and them from any theft or concerns that arise from cleaning services.


When you hire a person to clean your home, you need to emphasize the things that are important. If you are concerned about chemicals, tell the cleaning company. There are some companies that bring in their own cleaning supplies where others will use what you purchase. If you have small kids you may be worried about using strong chemicals, talk to the cleaning company so they do not use them.


Most cleaning companies will be able to provide you with all the cleaning services you need. Talk to them about special requests in case you have a party or something arise. They may be able to come back and do the cleaning for you, but it will have an additional cost. Talk to them about their cleaning routine and what they will clean and what they will not clean. Some cleaning companies are happy to let you observe them while they clean, others will come to your home when you are away.


Find out if the cleaning company will have multiple cleaners servicing your home, or if you will have the same person all the time. This is important to find out as you need to know who is responsible if something is lost or broken. Discuss your house rules with them so they understand what is expected, and what to be aware of. If you have pets, you will need to talk to them about the pets and safety concerns. Can the pets be allowed outside or inside the home? What safety concerns are there? When it comes to hiring the right cleaning company to take care of your home, you want to make sure you are going over all the ground rules together so you can make a binding contract.

Great Ski Destinations in the West

As an aspiring young filmmaker, you may find yourself in Park City, UT for the famous Sundance Film Festival. You wouldn’t be a alone. There are more than 3,000,000 tourists that visit Park City every year. Nestled in the tranquil Wasatch Mountains, Park City Luxury Real Estate provides property to one of the wealthiest counties in the country. Summit county is a playground for many cultural events in the summer and world class skiing and snowboarding in the winter. There are a wide variety of homes, businesses, vacation homes and condominiums to choose from. All of which are just a stone’s throw away from the bustling downtown and lively city of Sundance, Utah.

Park City Utah was the location of the 2002 Winter Olympics. It is the perfect location for conventions, cultural, and tourist events. Sundance City is only twenty minutes away from Salt Lake City and easy major airport access. If you are looking for a great getaway rental or vacation home, Park City Luxury Real Estate is a great place to start. There are three major ski resorts accessed easily in the beautiful mountains surrounding the city to the south, southeast and west. Steeped in a long history of boom and bust silver mine operations, Park City is clearly growing in tourism and industry. It is still an undiscovered gem of western vacation hot spots.

If I was in the market for a new home or investment property in the West, I would contact Park City Luxury Real Estate. They have top-end luxury homes, lofts, undeveloped property, and town homes for sale. The booming climate of Park City and the venerable Sundance Film Festival, ensures property value will be on the rise for the foreseeable future. Not only does the annual film festival provide edgy and new filmmaking, it also brings in million dollars of tourism capital. If you want to see a Hollywood star or actor, you have a good chance of seeing them walking around downtown!

It’s no wonder that Forbes Traveling magazine in 2008 named Park City as one of the top 20 “prettiest towns.” The annual temperature is ten degrees cooler than Salt Lake City and never sees the sweltering summer temperatures of the major metropolitan city. It continues to win awards for its favorable mountain bike, ski, and walking trails. Despite all the tourism, Park City and it’s approximate 7,000 citizens, still feels like a small and cozy mountain town. If this is a place you think you might want to vacation regularly, then Park City is a splendid choice.

How to Buy a Car from a Dealership

Buying a car is a pretty big decision, so it is no surprise if you get some cold feet and question your decisions before going into your potential car dealership. The price itself is something that adds pressure to difficult decision to begin with, so be aware that everyone faces dilemmas when buying a car. But, like in most cases, there are things you can do to make this decision less painful, and get the best deal you can get from a particular car dealership. Here are a few tricks you can pull up your sleeve before going to the local car dealership:

  • Remember, prices are lower at the end of the year

Just like the titles states, remember this one. If you are still not determined to buy a particular car, and you are still wearing short-sleeve T-shits, you may want to consider waiting a few months. It is a fact that the car prices go down in December. Woodbridge car dealerships for example always have great value specials on new cars as well as used ones at the end of the year. Plus sales people are always looking to get more business done at the end of the year and reach those yearly targets, so you’ll have that working in your favor.

  • Be tough

This can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t consider yourself that kind of a person. But you are going to have to force yourself, especially since it is your budget we are talking about. Don’t expect to buy from the dealership from the first attempt. You are going to have to negotiate like it or not, so you might as well go prepared. Let them know that you are interested, but also let them know that they are not going to be making a sale today. They are going to have to put some effort into getting you to buy from them. Remember: you can say no to any service you see no benefit in having. Don’t overpay for car features just so you can have the car you intended.

  • Don’t rely on the invoice

If you have been through the previous stages from the buying process before and have reached an agreement with a particular car dealer, it is very important to learn more about the small but many costs that go with the buying of a particular car. The invoice may contain some things that you are unaware of but worse yet, it may contain some things that the car dealer is get and you aren’t. That is why it is best to research online for the particular zip code you are buying the car in and see if there are any specials that you have missed… And your car dealer hasn’t.

Nourishment And More From Shaving Cream

Although it might be hard for some people to believe, shave cream was actually used nearly 4,000 years earlier. However, after using shave cream one time, it’s easy to see why it’s still used today. At some point in their lifetime, most men will use some form of shave cream.

A man is likely to use shaving cream when learning how to shave correctly. Shave cream makes a morning shave go much smoother than if no cream were used.

By using quality shave cream, the body’s skin will respond positively to a razor. However, it does take a fair amount of practice to get really good at shaving.

It’s true that shave cream can also make it harder for a person to see what they’re doing while shaving, but the benefits of using the cream greatly outweigh the downsides. There are several reasons why people choose to use shave cream.

Reduce Injury

Although it’s very unlikely that serious injuries will result from shaving, small cuts are almost unavoidable. However, shave cream can greatly reduce the quantity and frequency of razor cuts.

Cream makes skin soft and increases the skin’s elasticity, which prevents razor cuts. Shaving with a decent cream eliminates the need to apply a lot of pressure, so small cuts are less likely to occur.

Eliminate the Burn

Nobody likes razor burn. A good amount of shave cream will help to prevent the dreaded razor burn. It’s important to understand how the burn occurs. When shaving, the top layer of skin is sliced off, and the layer of skin that is under the top layer becomes irritated.

Put simply, shave cream works like a miniature barrier that prevents the top layer of skin from being removed completely, so irritation is greatly reduced or eliminated entirely.

Face Nourishment

Many types of shave cream have a variety of nutrients in them. The purpose of these nutrients is to infuse human skin with vitality and health. Shave cream works like a moisturizer, which leaves a person’s face feeling fresh and healthy.

As it nourishes the face, shave cream also reduces razor burn, skin irritation and injury. For most people, the feeling of a fresh shave helps to increase productivity and vitality.

Softer Hair

A number of individuals are forced to deal with coarse hair, which is normally located on the private parts, underarms and the face. Coarse hair is notorious for being very hard to cut when dry.

Good shave cream can be used to soften coarse hairs, which will make the hairs much easier to remove. Another benefit of using shave cream is that it also lifts hairs, which makes them easier to cut. These are some of the top reasons why both men and women use shaving cream.

Running a Budget

Are you in charge of running your home’s budget, but feel like you are ready to tear your hair out over the process? Working a household budget can be a stressful thing, particularly for those not naturally gifted with numbers. But there are some strategies you can employ to make the whole thing feel simpler. By trying some techniques you can make this task less of a chore and greet it with less and less dread.

Know What’s Coming In

Before you can set up any sort of budget, you need to know exactly how much money you have coming in. This means it is imperative to have a working record of all income, with everything listed clearly from paychecks to tax rebates, stocks, inheritance and other monies you might be paid throughout the year. No matter how large or small the sum, any budget must begin with the bottom line of working dollars.

Know What’s Going Out

Just like you need to know what money is coming in, it is keenly important to know what money is going out. Keep track of every single thing paid for in the household, from mortgage payments to a water at a gas station. Hold onto receipts and add each thing up at the end of the week by category, to see where each dollar is going.

Determine Where You Can Cut Back

Once you know what money is coming in and what money is going out, you can get a better idea of where, if any, money can be cut. This is particularly helpful if you need to budget more tightly to help pay down debt or get more savings in the bank. For example, you might notice you are paying a high amount on takeout each week, and keeping a record will help you know when to scale back.

Use the Computer

Keeping track of all of these numbers can be a major hassle, especially if you are doing it all with just pen and paper. Instead, use the computer, which can be your best friend when trying to keep a large amount of numbers sorted out. Home inventory software is a type of software you can invest in, which is specially designed to keep those numbers in place.

Creating and running a family budget becomes easier once you understand some of the basic aspects of the process. Even if you cannot make it an entirely fun project for yourself, you can certainly make it something that is less of a stress. With some patience you can quickly get that budget in order and be prepared to balance that bank account. It will become a more efficient part of your day.

How to Avoid a Home Disaster

There is no scarier scenario to a homeowner than facing a home disaster. From flood and water damage, to toxic mold, to fire and smoke damage, there is no shortage of potential disasters just waiting to occur. Home disasters are costly and, oftentimes, repairs are deemed too expensive to fix. In these situations, homeowners must cut their losses and sell their properties. Many times, home disasters occur not at the hands of Mother Nature, but due to the homeowner’s negligence. Fortunately, there are a number of precautions that homeowners can take in order to decrease their risks of having such incidents occur. Read on to discover some helpful tips on how to avert a potential home disaster.

First, it is imperative for a homeowner to be aware of, and accept, his own limitations when it comes to “do it yourself” home repair projects. Many homeowners falsely believe that they possess the capabilities and skills necessary to successfully conduct home repairs. Unfortunately, this often leads to broken water pipes, interior damage, and a compromised housing structure. While calling on the help of professionals may seem time consuming and costly, ultimately, it is the wisest way to go about repairing one’s home. Prior to hiring a company, it is important to thoroughly research the company’s reputation and credentials.

Thousands of house fires occur on an annual basis. Many of these fires lead to devastating destruction, loss of property, or even loss of life. Other times, house fires cause extensive smoke damage, and incur water damage as a result of emergency response teams. These incidents are any home owner’s worst nightmare. To ensure that one is prepared for a house fire, be sure to purchase a fire extinguisher for each room of one’s home. If one does not have the funds necessary to do so, ensure that the kitchen, laundry room, and garage each have their own extinguisher. Having a fire extinguisher on hand will help a homeowner contain a fire until the fire department arrives. Having a fire extinguisher at home has saved countless properties, and has minimized the damage caused by thousands of house fires. Furthermore, ensure that all smoke detectors in the house are working on a monthly basis. Having a working smoke detector will help to alarm anyone who is in the home of a potential fire.

Sometimes, a home disaster will occur, regardless of how many precautions one may take. In these situations, it is important to hire the expertise of a company which specializes in remedying home disasters. Hiring a company such as Allure Residential & Commercial Inc., will ensure that a homeowner will receive superior customer service from individuals who specialize in home disaster repair services.

Teaching Your Family Strong Values

Raising a family these days can be difficult. Gone are the primitive days when eating dinner together every night was the norm and when family time didn’t suffer due to technological distractions like cell phones, the television and video games. There are so many distractions in the world, that oftentimes the family unit can get pushed aside in favor of other things like entertainment, recreation, and relationships outside the family. While all of those things are positive and healthy, neglecting your family in favor of those things isn’t very positive or healthy. Although the way values are taught within a family will definitely differ between families, here are some general things you can do to help instill strong values in your family.

  1. Be a good example. As a parent, it’s true that teaching values to your kids starts with the example you set for them. Kids are professionals at observation: it’s how they learn from the time they’re newborns. They’ll look to you consciously as an example, and they’ll learn things subconsciously by watching your actions and being around you. So start with yourself. Ask yourself if you’re setting a good example for your kids, and if not, make some changes.
  2. Set aside family time. Don’t just assume it will happen here and there. Designate a specific day of the week (or even alternating days depending on everyone’s schedule) to have family time. Go to a movie, play games, or just sit around and talk with no distractions. Even better, try to create time every day where everyone is in the same place at the same time, doing the same thing. Whether that’s eating dinner together, shooting hoops after work and school, even sitting down for a quick breakfast. It may seem tedious to schedule out family time, but it’s a huge help in creating meaningful relationships within the family and allows for a safe environment to teach strong values.
  3. Get your kids involved in a community. Give them a place where they can see others outside the family with strong values, where they can build empathy, service skills, and a sense of purpose. Depending on your beliefs, get them involved in a church community. And even if you don’t belong to a specific denomination, there are a lot of non-denominational churches out there that emphasize strong values, like Platt Park Church. If you don’t believe in religion at all, get them involved in a sports community, dance community, or charity community. Help them feel like an involved and important part of society.

Obviously, this is an extremely short list, and as such, is incomplete. There are many ways to teach your family strong values, and these three suggestions are only the beginning. If it seems overwhelming and you’re not sure if you’re making a difference when your kids yell at you for making them stay at home with the family instead of going out with friends one night a week, or because you won’t let them text at the dinner table, don’t worry. From someone who responded to my overwhelmed parents that way from time to time: You are.


Using a Straight Razor with Confidence

Shaving with a straight razor is an entire experience in itself. There many styles to choose from that can be very elaborate or basic. This is really an art of shaving to develop this habit.

Shaving with confidence involves using the correct techniques and skill of a straight razor. There are many techniques that range from novice to advance.
There are a few things to be mindful of when using a straight razor. The first thing to remember is to buy the best straight razor you possibly can. The best tools will create the best shaving experience.

There are many reasons to using this type of razor. Using a straight razor may sound intimidating but using some basic techniques will get you the best shave. Shaving can commence after the razor has been properly sharpened and honed with an average of seven to ten strokes. Most straight razors will remain sharp for at least five to seven weeks.

Equipment Needed
• Straight Razor
• Hone
• Strop
• Brush
• Shaving cream
• Soap
• After Shave
• Towels

Holding Straight Razors Correctly

To hold the razors correctly, place the handle between the smallest finger and ring finger to rest your remaining fingers along the shank, this is located farthest of the tip of the razor near the handle. The blade will face towards the body. The straight razor will look as in a wide letter “v” formation.

The smallest finger will rest upon the tang; this is hook beneath the handle where the razor pivots. The index finger will rest on top of the shoulder; the shoulder of the razor follows the shank. The thumb rests on the back of the razor. The forefinger and thumb will form a letter “C” formation.

There are various ways to hold a straight razor that range from beginner, intermediate and advanced. The basic technique is good for novice and advanced users alike. The hand and fingers are adjusted along the razor as needed while shaving the face.

Techniques for Shaving the Face

The first step for a clean and close shave is to soften the mustache and beard with a hot towel that has been rung of excess water. Placing a hot towel upon the face for a few spared moments will create the ultimate shaving experience.
After the face has been lathered it is important to remain shaving with one side of the face then preceding the opposite side. Following an order will create the best shave.

Begin shaving at the left or right cheek and proceed to shave the jaw. Repeat this process upon the opposite side of the face in the same manner. Lastly, shave the underside of the jaw on each side. Proceed by shaving the mustache and beneath the chin.

Alternatives to Shaving your Legs

I’m not too sure about you, but I for one have lots of experience with shaving my legs. I have spent many hours over the course of my life shaving. Not only does this take time, but it can also cause pain if you cut yourself. Let’s face it, no matter how careful you are, you will inevitably cut yourself. I do almost every single time, and am so sick of it! So what are some alternatives to shaving your legs? You may consider laser hair removal. This is a quick, safe and permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair that needs to be taken care of. There are many benefits of laser hair removal. First, you will have smoother skin. No more prickly and stubby legs as your hair begins to grow back! Second, laser hair removal is a permanent procedure! This is great because you won’t have to shave or worry about hair growing back again in that area. Third, you won’t have to worry about ingrown hairs. This is nice that you won’t have the potential of getting these and the pain associated therewith. Fourth, by getting laser hair removal you will save time. It is a simple procedure, and think of all the time you will save in the future by never having to shave or wax again! You may be wondering how the lasers remove the unwanted hair from your body.

Removal of hair is accomplished through the light energy of the lasers. The light from the laser is converted into heat, thereby disabling the hair follicle, and preventing the further growth of it. It is not invasive, but rather quick, safe and can cover relatively large areas of skin at a time. Of course you may be thinking in your mind that the process must be painful. Alas, it produces relatively minor discomfort, but of course this is different for everyone since everyone experiences a different level of pain tolerance. Location of where you are trying to remove hair and the coarseness of the hair in that area are two factors that play into the discomfort you may or may not experience during the treatment. Of course, we must be realistic and understand that the hair will not permanently disappear with one treatment. Rather six to ten treatments are usually typical but it is solely dependent on by the area that is being treated, skin color, hair color and the coarseness or fineness of the hair involved. Multiple treatments are needed since hair naturally grows in many phases over time. Laser hair removal Portland OR is a good resource for getting more information on laser hair removal. Although laser hair removal is a great alternative to shaving your legs, that isn’t the only option out there. For instance there is waxing. I personally have had experience with this, and was pleasantly surprised. You only have to go about once per month and it works great. The only downfall is that it can be painful if your skin is sensitive. Keep these ideas in mind, and never shave again!

Getting a Tattoo Removed

Anyone who has ever had a tattoo that they regretted getting has hoped for some kind of tattoo removal process that could remove not only the tattoo but the awful memories attached to it. While there aren’t many techniques of removing tattoos that involve that sort of effect on the memory, there are many things that you can do to hide or completely remove your tattoo. The specific processes may vary depending on the size, style, and color of your tattoo, but in most cases you will be able to get the complete tattoo removed without much difficulty.

Some people have to deal with larger tattoos that are undeniably obvious those around you. These tattoos can be removed through a number of different cosmetic techniques. While it might sound like some of the methods of tattoo removal would do little but add scars to the tattooed area, the reality is that most tattoo removal processes involve very little pain and scarring. If you have never had a scar removed before then you might understand a bit more clearly what type of processes may be involved.

There are so many options for people, young and old, who are interested in getting help to feel better about tattoos that they have gotten. By investing in certain processes to take care of all those tattoos, you can walk around knowing that you look the best that you can possibly look. Some procedures are a little more popular than others, but all tattoo removal options are set up with the intent of making you look and feel your best.

Getting the most effective tattoo removal has a great deal to do with who performs the processes, and finding the perfect person can be hard to do. However, with a few helpful tips, you will be well on your way to getting the procedures done that you need. Asking around is a big tip that will help you a lot in the long run. While an online search might come up with a longer list, a quick phone call to people you know in the area will give you more information about which folks in California have done good work. By talking with satisfied patients of certain people, you can be sure that you will get quality care. Also, doing a background check is a good idea. You don’t want to get yourself caught up with someone who isn’t even technically qualified to do the procedures that you are looking for.

If you want to see what your tattoo removal could look like, check out Orange County tattoo removal before and after photos for an idea of what you can expect. And then give us a call!