Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen MakeoverOne of the most popular rooms to remodel in your home is your kitchen. I know the kitchen is the one room in my house where it has to look a certain way and have a certain feel. To me, if I don’t like the kitchen, I won’t rent the apartment or buy the home. We do spend considerable time in the kitchen and it is more of a communal meeting place for families and guests. Instead of spending a fortune on redesigning your kitchen into a chef’s paradise the following are realistic ideas that you can implement into any kitchen on a reasonable budget to create something fabulous. Mix and match countertops, create a tin-tile backsplash, swap out the faucet, use all the wall space, try a Peel-and-Stick backsplash kit, expose the walls, incorporate furniture, hang cookware on a ceiling rack, create a concrete island, change out the hardware on drawers and cabinets, install fun lighting fixtures, expand the utility of the kitchen by adding seating and paint kitchen cabinets.

When remodeling your kitchen chances are you are trying to create a space that is nicer or a space that is more user friendly. One idea is to open up your space. Instead of traditional cabinets consider open shelves. This allows you to have more display in your kitchen and it is a more updated look. If you opt for traditional cabinets that is okay too. There are plenty of ways to update your current cabinets. Check out Kirkplan Kitchens for some great ideas when it comes to beautiful kitchen cabinets. Chances are in order to create a nicer space you will need to upgrade your appliances. Personally I love stainless steel appliances. Something about them is just classy. You will typically find that these appliances are large and user friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t forget to update your hardware. If you change the cabinets in your kitchen make sure the hardware matches. We might not often consider the hardware but it can be outdated or just gross and need replacing over time. Perhaps consider adding texture of a pop of color to an otherwise ordinary and drab ceiling in the kitchen. This can be used as a fun contrast. Something I personally like is a backsplash. If you want to save money consider a more traditional and cost effective white subway tile that has a beveled edge. It is a good quality material yet won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you have a little extra money to spend, consider a glass tile mosaic or some other type of backsplash with more unique stone. This could be a great focal point to the kitchen. When it comes to countertops money is going to be your largest concern. If you have money then go for something top notch such as granite. You will enjoy not only the look but also the easy maintenance and how well you can clean it and have it staying good looking. If you aren’t willing or able to spend that much, consider travertine silver laminate as a potential option because it gives the look and texture of stone, at only a fraction of the cost. Have fun and update your kitchen today! Make it a room in your home where you want to spend time.