Finding Great Used Cars

There are many benefits to buying a used car. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a used car is affordability. You don’t have to have as much money upfront to purchase one. Another benefit is that used cars don’t depreciate nearly as quickly as new cars. Believe it or not a new car depreciates an average of 30% over the first two years of driving it. I know I bought my car brand new, and after four years, it has dropped in value by $9,000. When purchasing a used car, you want to take the time to do research and figure out that you are making a good and safe investment. Utilize websites such as Kelly Blue Book or Cars Direct to do your initial research and figure out comparable pricing on cars you are interested in. If your goal is to save money then looking for a used car might behoove you, plus have other incentives such as helping you save on licensing, registration fees and even insurance costs. First you need to make sure and choose your dealer carefully.

Used cars Kansas City is a good starting point. They have some great pre-owned vehicles that may even qualify for some additional savings. Pre-owned vehicles may be a little more than your typical used care but it will be worth it in the long run because they have been thoroughly inspected to make sure they are in good condition. You want something that has been checked out. They also have warranties which is unusual when looking at used cars. An even better route to ensure that you won’t receive a lemon in your used car is to look for factory-certified used cars. This is when the actual automaker will stand behind the car and help take care of it.

Second you need to make sure and take caution if you want to buy a used car from a private party. Typically you can get the lowest price from private parties, but you are getting the car as is and have to trust the seller’s word that you are getting what they say. You can go on a test drive and all that, but a good word of advice is to get the car inspected by a certified mechanic. Ask important questions such as if they are the original owner, is the car still under any sort of warranty, why they are wanting to sell the car, has the car ever been in an accident and what sort of driving conditions has the car been in.

Avoid old rental cars or police cars. Even though they may claim to have been refurnished, chances are they have been literally run to the ground in these types of working conditions. Avoid vehicles that have been in a major wreck or even salvaged. Although they have been repaired, you never can fully trust repair work. Avoid older cars that seemingly have low mileage. Chances are the speedometer has been tampered with so you really have no idea the true mileage. Avoid cars that have had major modifications as they can make the original parts drag. Don’t let the idea of used cars scare you off. They are a great option as long as you take precaution.