Nourishment And More From Shaving Cream

Although it might be hard for some people to believe, shave cream was actually used nearly 4,000 years earlier. However, after using shave cream one time, it’s easy to see why it’s still used today. At some point in their lifetime, most men will use some form of shave cream.

A man is likely to use shaving cream when learning how to shave correctly. Shave cream makes a morning shave go much smoother than if no cream were used.

By using quality shave cream, the body’s skin will respond positively to a razor. However, it does take a fair amount of practice to get really good at shaving.

It’s true that shave cream can also make it harder for a person to see what they’re doing while shaving, but the benefits of using the cream greatly outweigh the downsides. There are several reasons why people choose to use shave cream.

Reduce Injury

Although it’s very unlikely that serious injuries will result from shaving, small cuts are almost unavoidable. However, shave cream can greatly reduce the quantity and frequency of razor cuts.

Cream makes skin soft and increases the skin’s elasticity, which prevents razor cuts. Shaving with a decent cream eliminates the need to apply a lot of pressure, so small cuts are less likely to occur.

Eliminate the Burn

Nobody likes razor burn. A good amount of shave cream will help to prevent the dreaded razor burn. It’s important to understand how the burn occurs. When shaving, the top layer of skin is sliced off, and the layer of skin that is under the top layer becomes irritated.

Put simply, shave cream works like a miniature barrier that prevents the top layer of skin from being removed completely, so irritation is greatly reduced or eliminated entirely.

Face Nourishment

Many types of shave cream have a variety of nutrients in them. The purpose of these nutrients is to infuse human skin with vitality and health. Shave cream works like a moisturizer, which leaves a person’s face feeling fresh and healthy.

As it nourishes the face, shave cream also reduces razor burn, skin irritation and injury. For most people, the feeling of a fresh shave helps to increase productivity and vitality.

Softer Hair

A number of individuals are forced to deal with coarse hair, which is normally located on the private parts, underarms and the face. Coarse hair is notorious for being very hard to cut when dry.

Good shave cream can be used to soften coarse hairs, which will make the hairs much easier to remove. Another benefit of using shave cream is that it also lifts hairs, which makes them easier to cut. These are some of the top reasons why both men and women use shaving cream.

Using a Straight Razor with Confidence

Shaving with a straight razor is an entire experience in itself. There many styles to choose from that can be very elaborate or basic. This is really an art of shaving to develop this habit.

Shaving with confidence involves using the correct techniques and skill of a straight razor. There are many techniques that range from novice to advance.
There are a few things to be mindful of when using a straight razor. The first thing to remember is to buy the best straight razor you possibly can. The best tools will create the best shaving experience.

There are many reasons to using this type of razor. Using a straight razor may sound intimidating but using some basic techniques will get you the best shave. Shaving can commence after the razor has been properly sharpened and honed with an average of seven to ten strokes. Most straight razors will remain sharp for at least five to seven weeks.

Equipment Needed
• Straight Razor
• Hone
• Strop
• Brush
• Shaving cream
• Soap
• After Shave
• Towels

Holding Straight Razors Correctly

To hold the razors correctly, place the handle between the smallest finger and ring finger to rest your remaining fingers along the shank, this is located farthest of the tip of the razor near the handle. The blade will face towards the body. The straight razor will look as in a wide letter “v” formation.

The smallest finger will rest upon the tang; this is hook beneath the handle where the razor pivots. The index finger will rest on top of the shoulder; the shoulder of the razor follows the shank. The thumb rests on the back of the razor. The forefinger and thumb will form a letter “C” formation.

There are various ways to hold a straight razor that range from beginner, intermediate and advanced. The basic technique is good for novice and advanced users alike. The hand and fingers are adjusted along the razor as needed while shaving the face.

Techniques for Shaving the Face

The first step for a clean and close shave is to soften the mustache and beard with a hot towel that has been rung of excess water. Placing a hot towel upon the face for a few spared moments will create the ultimate shaving experience.
After the face has been lathered it is important to remain shaving with one side of the face then preceding the opposite side. Following an order will create the best shave.

Begin shaving at the left or right cheek and proceed to shave the jaw. Repeat this process upon the opposite side of the face in the same manner. Lastly, shave the underside of the jaw on each side. Proceed by shaving the mustache and beneath the chin.